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At Kingzip, we relentlessly pursue zipper perfection.

With our wide range of zippers, we meet your diverse needs delivering high-quality products promptly. We take pride in giving our customers the very best service, in product and process.

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Our History


In June 1995, Kingzip founded the KKF brand in Montreal, Canada, marking the beginning of its journey in the zipper industry. Over the years, KKF has gained a reputable position in the North American market.


Taking a step ahead of competitors, Kingzip established its own dye house facility in Cornwall, Ontario, in 1998. This strategic move allowed the company to offer a wide range of over 600 colors, setting itself apart in the industry.


Responding to the increasing demand from customers, Kingzip experienced rapid growth and constructed its own manufacturing building in the year 2000. This expansion enabled the company to meet the rising needs of its valued clientele.


In 2003, Kingzip relocated the in-house dye facility from Cornwall to the Montreal facility. This reflected the company’s commitment to continuously improve on production efficiency.


Kingzip remains steadfast in the pursuit of zipper perfection. We currently cater to a diverse clientele spanning from Mexico to the United States and Canada. Our dye house facility has recently expanded.

Manufactured in Canada, in our own in-house dye facility.


Montreal, Quebec

Kingzip Dye House

Research & Development

Our research and development department remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Our team collaborates closely with customers to fulfill their unique requirements. We continuously strive to provide the best service to our esteemed clients.

Our zippers have obtained approval from renowned testing laboratories such as Wal-mart, Ricki’s, and more. This recognition demonstrates the reliability of our products at its highest quality, ensuring customer satisfaction while meeting industry standards.

Certified ISO

Since April 1999, Kingzip has been assessed and registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9002. Our commitment goes beyond providing excellent customer service – we prioritize safety and adhere to stringent quality standards. At Kingzip, we ensure that our operations align with industry regulations to deliver exceptional products with utmost reliability and quality.

Our Manufacturing Process